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sms consulting services

Abante provides SMS and QMS consulting services to air operators, airports, OGP & Hydro utilities, post secondary learning institutions and industry sector councils. During the past 25 years, Abante consultants have helped to evaluate, design, implement, and operate Safety Management Systems in a variety of operating environments around the world.

Abante consultants speak regularly at global Safety and Quality Management events and conferences including the: AAAE Airports Conference of the Americas, CHC Safety and Quality Summit, Canadian Council of Aviation Aerospace AGM, Helicopter Association of Canada AGM, and The Association of Mining Engineers of BC.

Abante provides the following consulting services:

  • Safety Management Systems: Including collaborative design, implementation, evaluation and overhaul of customized SMS programs to go beyond regulatory requirements and maximize user participation.

  • Quality Management Systems: Including collaborative design and implementation of QMS processes at the organizational level to manage aircraft maintenance, flight operations, administration, management, accounting, and training.

  • Quality Assurance: Including the assessment of company wide policy, processes and procedures to identify, mitigate and eliminate quality management weaknesses.

  • Safety Management Coaching and Learning: Including training for pilots, engineers, management, executive, and administrative support staff. Abante's areas of expertise include cooperative learning, instructional development, crisis management, and human factors.

  • Advanced Safety and Quality Management system Audits: Abante provides advanced safety and quality management system audits of rotary and fixed wing air operators for power utilities, governments, and private corporations such as oil and gas producers (OGPs), mining, and construction firms.

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