TCIAA Launches New SMS Software & Appoints Manager

PROVIDENCIALES, Turks & Caicos Islands; Friday, August 3rd, 2012 – The Turks and Caicos Islands Airport Authority (TCIAA), as part of its absolute commitment to safety, will launch its new Safety Management System (SMS) software on Monday August 6th. The web based software, accessible only by team members, is designed to enhance the Safety Management Program which has been in place since 2008.

The software, dubbed iSMS, was produced by Abante Intelligent Solutions, a Vancouver based company. The software represents a comprehensive approach to managing safety at the organizational level while meeting ICAO’s requirement for “effective safety reporting”.

In addition to the iSMS’ ability to facilitate and document investigation of safety occurrences, it provides a tool which takes SMS “Lessons Learned” and applies them to a dynamic Resource Library. It also incorporates an Exam section that provides for relevant and timely safety training and testing.

Other features of the iSMS software include:

  • • a means of facilitating Hazard and Risk Assessment using incorporated tools,
  • • identifying and tracking hazards,
  • • automatic email notification to all accountable executives to ensure timely action,
  • • follow-up and communication regardless of where users are located,
  • • and the ability to receive 100% confidential reports that are devoid of names.

The overall power of the iSMS and most importantly, is its simplicity of use both in a non-invasive initial reporting and the provision of data on time to the various accountable executives.

In his comments, CEO, Mr. John Smith said "The development and implementation of the iSMS is a significant milestone achievement for Team TCIAA. As CEO, I join the Board of Directors, and fellow Executives in acknowledging and thanking all those within and external to the TCIAA for their commitment, dedication and persistence in bring this to fruition."

"It is with much gratitude that we welcome and present Mr. Wayne Farley as our first SMS Manager. The individual focus, dedication and commitment he has given to this project must be commended." the CEO added.

Aviation safety has traditionally focused on compliance with regulatory requirements and reacted to undesirable events by prescribing measures to prevent recurrence. A different approach was needed to keep safety risks at an acceptable level as the industry continues to develop. Safety management systems are designed to complement regulatory compliance by the proactive use of best practices.